Maes High Nelly

  • SIZE: 20 x 20 cms
  • FRAME: Handmade. Framed in Limed White Ash Wood.
  • Original Painting on canvas.

Proudly made in Wicklow, Ireland.


The High Nelly (which Michael Collins famously used to get around unmolested during the War of Independence while there was a £10,000 bounty on his head) has been a favoured mode of transport for generations of Irish. The HighNelly bicycle in Ireland was more than a mode of transport up until the late 1950's, it was literally a life line. My very own Grandmother rode 17 miles three times a week to Dingle Town in Kerry from her home in Comeen.
She rode on a single speed High Nelly bicycle laddened with enough to essentials to feed her 7 children.
She set her off in a straight line & she had to keep going all the way without stopping or the bike would be too heavy to pick back up off the ground.

MEDIUM: Painted in Acrylic and Mixed Media (Clogher Strand Sand, Mother of pearl crushed, Clogher Strand Shells, Native Carragheen seaweed, Gold & Copper Leaf flakes, Mica flakes.

CANVAS: Natural white Box Canvas made of 100% pure cotton with a perceptibly fine linen structure and a matte-white coating. This linen is acid free and 100% linen which means it will not fade or yellow and will stand the test of time. For added protection I spray all of my works with UV absorbing fixative also.

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